Acupuncture is speculated to be a treatment modality that has been around for between 3000 to 5000 years. Regardless of how long it has been around, something that doesn’t prove to have some modicum of functionality would not be around for that long if there was not some amount of efficacy to it.

I personally started receiving treatments in my early twenties and have never looked back. I have sought treatments for low back pain, tendonitis of both thumbs that were so bad I couldn’t even write a check without tremendous amounts of pain, and also for anxiety.

First of all let me lie the foundation of what it takes to be an Acupuncturist here in Wisconsin. One must attend an accredited College or University that has a Masters program in either Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine programs include both training in Acupuncture and Herbs.. This 3-4 year program consists of classroom learning along with clinical training, in which patient treatments are observed and practiced. Afterwards, graduates must pass between two to four national board exams in order to gain licensure from the state.

As you can see, there are a few hurdles to jump before an Acupuncturist can start to treat patients without supervision from other practitioners.

What makes Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine different is that we treat the person, not the symptoms. While Traditional Western Medicine certainly has its place, it often only treats symptoms of larger underlying issues through medication(s). Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine look for the root cause of the issue and attempt to address that rather than just alleviate symptoms. If you can address and eliminate the root cause of the issue then symptoms will thusly disappear.

It is important if not most vital, that the body as a whole have all of its systems balanced while functioning efficiently with minimal effort. It is then that the body can take care of itself and make corrections as stressors present themselves. When your systems reach this point you can feel it in your body. This is the goal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Once the patient reaches this state then they only need treatment when feeling that balance slip. Depending on life style and dietary choices, that could only be a few times a year.