What is Soliman’s Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)?

Soliman’s Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT) is a specialized approach created by Dr. Nader Soliman from Rockville, MD. With over 25 years of expertise in auricular acupuncture, Dr. Soliman developed this treatment to effectively address various allergy types.

SAAT aims to “reprogram” the immune system, correcting it from excessively responding to allergens, such as animals or food ingredients. The premise is that if the body possesses the capability and strength to generate an overactive immune response, it also has the potential to reverse this reaction.

The Basics of Soliman’s Auricular Allergy Treatment


SAAT, stemming from Dr. Paul Nogier’s groundbreaking work in 1960s France, effectively reduces sensitivities to allergies. Pioneered by Dr. Nader Soliman around 2003, SAAT treatments reprogram the autonomic nervous system, guiding the immune system’s response to specific allergens. Terms like “reprogram” and “desensitize” are interchangeably used to describe the procedure.


Auricular acupuncture’s potency lies in its connection to four cranial nerves and the brain. Cervical Roots of C2 and C3, along with the cervical sympathetic plexus, reinforce this link. The ear’s reflexive points, wired to the brain, influence the autonomic nervous system, providing a holistic approach to address various body conditions, including potent anti-pain zones.


SAAT treatment employs an exceptionally tiny Spinex pin. Even children aged 4 and above undergo the procedure without discomfort, often feeling nothing. Depending on the allergen, one or two pins may be utilized, remaining in place for a minimum of 3 weeks.

What to expect and benefit from during each session.

Each session is approximately 25 minutes. The pin is retained in the ear for a minimum of 3 weeks. Over that time period your body will be adjusting to the stimulus of the pin and modifying how it reacts to the presence of the allergen being treated for. Typically the reaction to the allergen is completely changed or the reaction is reduced by 50-80%. In most cases only one treatment is needed per allergen.

The first treatment we will initially test for a positive to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome as well as testing for an allergy to histamine. Positives to either of these could be causing your body to react to substances in a way which mimics an allergic reaction but scientifically speaking it isn’t a true allergen. In some cases the clearing of these has reduced reactions by 50% to 85% and in other cases eliminated all allergic reactions.

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