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What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong (CHEE-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique. This healing practice involves meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises.

Many forms of Qi Gong are practiced throughout the world, some of which involve breathing and meditation to promote spirituality and health, while others are more vigorous and include martial arts movements. All forms of Qi Gong healing are aimed at helping you restore your vital energy or qi.

Qi Gong is actually considered a form of Tai Chi, as it is a specific movement often based on a Tai Chi sequence. For instance, Qi Gong breathing techniques are used to help open up the lungs.

Qi Gong’s gentle movements help circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body, nourish organs and tissues, and promote healing. Because Qi Gong involves breath and physical movements, it also helps calm the mind and relieves emotional stress and anxiety.

How does Qi Gong work with your Acupuncture treatments?

Qi Gong is incorporated into most Acupuncture treatments at 7 Stones. In fact, Acupuncture is like Qi Gong only the needles take the place of the practitioner’s hands. We use Qi Gong to direct the flow of qi or vital energy to either restore, slow, or redirect the flow of qi within different areas of the body.

At 7 Stones, we use Qi Gong to allow qi to penetrate tight areas of the body. This softens tissues, restores circulation, and welcomes the healing process.

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