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Planning for a family is an exciting time. But with that excitement comes a level of stress that men and women both experience. That stress can act as the barrier that’s keeping you from conceiving. Acupuncture treatment can help.

Acupuncture treatment for infertility.

Acupuncture and fertility are an amazing partnership. In otherwise healthy women, Acupuncture treatment can increase fertility by up to 40%. Acupuncture not only helps keep all of the many fertility hormones balanced and regulated; it does a wonderful job at taking the stress out of the whole process of trying to make it all happen. Taking away that stress alone often can be the key factor in reaching your family goal.

A fertility solution for men, too.

The focus on fertility is often mistakenly put solely on the woman, but conception is an equally physiological endeavor! Male health and virility can be greatly improved through regular treatments coinciding with their female partner. In fact, one study found that after eight Acupuncture treatments, male fertilization rates increased from 40.2% to 66.2%.

Pregnancy is much more than simple science. Acupuncture treats mind, body, and spirit in a way that connects a couple to make the process everything it can be, naturally. Depending on your situation, we suggest patients consider bi-weekly or even weekly Acupuncture sessions for fertility.

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