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Being tired is one thing, but for those who suffer from chronic fatigue, it’s a condition that severely restricts your lifestyle. From cancer patients to those with adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Acupuncture is great at addressing fatigue from a myriad of different causes.

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We see many patients at 7 Stones suffer from fatigue and nausea due to the side effects of cancer treatments. Acupuncture is a wonderful complementary treatment for fatigue from cancer treatment, as it helps patients restore their energy to levels they haven’t had in some time.

Acupuncture can also be effective for treating adrenal fatigue. Our frantically fast-paced lifestyles means we’re always on the go. This takes an amazing toll on our adrenal glands. Our constant adrenal demands leaves them always “on” until we start experiencing symptoms such being easily irritated, intense physical and mental fatigue, or insomnia.

More energy in as little as one treatment.

Acupuncture yields amazing results for something as common as fatigue from jet lag. One or two sessions after returning from a flight overseas usually helps get a person back to feeling their normal selves again in a couple days, versus jet lag that last weeks for someone without Acupuncture treatments.

On a longer-term scale, Acupuncture is effective for treating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In fact, study results suggest that four weeks of body Acupuncture therapy added to usual care can improve fatigue symptoms of CFS  patients.

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